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아트디렉터 홍소민 (Yesica.S Hong)

AYA 는 Art Y Art 의 약자로 Art director Yesica.S Hong과 함께  진행하는 Art Branding 전문 Project 입니다. AYA는 중국어로 啊呀 [āyā]‘(놀람을 나타내어) 우와! 와!’라는 감탄사처럼 다양한 공간에서 여러분의 가슴을 두드리는 소통과 융합의 아트 브랜딩 콜라보레이션을 디자인합니다.

AYA는 ART BX 전문 갤러리 컴퍼니로 Art Core BROWN㈜HCI와 더불어 Art Project 및 인문 고전미술 투자 컨설팅을 담당합니다. AYA는 갤러리역할과 함께 '작가(Artist)' 와 '공간(Space)' 을 이어주는 아트디렉터 역할로서 기업과 더불어 다양한 예술문화 공간을 재조명 합니ㅋ다. 또한 AYA Artist와 기업간의 최상의 아트 브랜딩 코드를 디자인하여 대중과의 문화 예술 통로의 가교역할을 담당하며 현재 AYA를 통해 크고 작은 문화예술의 새로운 발달을 함께 꿈꾸며 다양한 기획 및 시도를 통한 컬래버레이션을 공동 진행 중입니다. 문화 예술에 대한 열정과 다양한 시도를 가장 주요한 MOTIVE로 삼고 있는 AYA는, 앞으로도 끊임없이 변화하고 발전하는 예술 트렌드를 선도해 나아갈 큰 생각,
큰 움직임 (Big Thinking, Big Movement Big Thought, Big Motion)‘BTBM’Series Project를 여러분께 선보입니다.

AYA is an abbreviation for Art Y Art, which is a professional art branding project working with art director Yesica S. Hong. AYA 啊呀 [āyā] is an expression of surprise, like “wow! or whoa!” in Chinese. It strives to design art branding collaboration of communication and AYA is a professional ART BX gallery company that is in control of investment consulting for various art projects and humanistic classical art along with Art Core Brown Inc. HCI. AYA, as an art director that connects‘artists’and‘space’together, also reinvents various art cultural space along with other companies as its role of a gallery. AYA also serves as a bridging role of art and culture for the public audience by creating and designing the best art branding code between AYA’s artists and the company. Through AYA, we are currently working on various collaborative projects, dreaming of creating small and big developments in the art and culture field. AYA’s biggest motive is our passion towards the art and culture field, and to try many kinds of attempts in the field. We want to invite you to our ‘BTBM’Series Project (Big Thinking, Big Movement = Big Thought, Big Motion), which is our next step to lead the endlessly evolving, and continuously changing art trend.

CEO. Yesica.S Hong


‘AYA’is a unique gallery display directed by art director that design professional art culture space through various collaborative work with others.

It creates exhibitions that reflect cultural preferences of role of space, Expanding from a simple gallery’s role, it creates exhibitions that reflect cultural preferences of role of space by displaying a special personal gallery in culture. Aiming to create a new infrastructure of the art market in harmonious atmosphere created by artists and their artworks, AYA seeks the best art consulting system that embraces space and artwork together.

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